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Let's Get Fiscal!

Welcome to the MPAS UK client newsletter!

In this months newsletter, we're chatting about payment on account and all that it entails, also we feature our amazing client Stacey Keen and her business, Keen2Assist.


Have you heard it? Our new podcast has been launched. If you have any Accounting topics you'd like us to make clearer, please let us know.

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An enlightening chat with Stacey at Keen 2 Assist (aka K2A). If you would like to be featured in a future Client Story Feature, please contact us.


What exactly is it? What could happen if I don't pay? 


Our Podcast "Accrual World"

“I believe that through knowledge
and discipline, financial peace is
possible for all of us.”


– Dave Ramsey 

Accounts can be intimidating.

Finance can be frustrating.

Money can be scary.

But does it have to be?
We don’t think so.

Since founding MPAS UK in 2020, I've made it my personal mission to eradicate confusion & educate business owners, inspiring people to become confident and in control of their money.

In our second ever episode we discuss payments on account, disinventing public transport (yes, you read that right) AND have our first interview with amazing small business owner, Stacey Keen from Keen 2 Assist ( You have a free ticket into our accounting and admin minds so buckle up, grab a cuppa and a biscuit to dunk and let's talk money, budgets, economy and all kinds of financial stuff.

Jess and Emma from MPAS UK & Anaptyx are demystifying accounts and admin with a Yorkshire, Irish, Welsh twist. We’re determined to make finance understandable, accessible and educational for everyone, whether old or young.

Grab some headphones, take a perch and get ready to listen. Find us here →

This is Accrual World.

P.S. Don't forget, if you have questions or wish to be featured,

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MPAS UK Client Story

Please let us introduce you to one of our very special clients, Stacey Keen from Keen 2 Assist (aka K2A).


Stacey has worked over 2 decades within corporate management and administration and is amazing at keeping clients and teams on track.


Stacey is very special to us because not only is she our client, we are also her client!


Hear what she has to say about what she loves and finds frustrating, as well as collaborations - do they work or not?

Client Story - K2A
Payment on Account
Entering credit card details

Payment on Account

What on earth is it? And how does it affect me?

We discuss this topic a lot and Jess gave it a great overview in a past blog.

Always check
for current allowances and rates. 


This kit is designed to help you navigate your self-assessment successfully, ensuring you are not losing a single penny.


But not only that:


  • it helps you prepare for your self-assessment;

  • it enables you to keep an eye on what tax you MAY owe so you are prepared

  • it's evergreen - you pay once and THAT IS IT.Any adjustments will be made FREE of charge.


This kit is worth £189.95. Where? How? What?


"The Self-Assessment Survival Kit" includes:

  • Our very clever "Sole Trader Tax Tracker" to help you keep your income & expenditure in one place AND keep track of a potential tax bill at the same time - even if you have another job! (worth £49.99!!)

  • Our PDF "Guide To Common Allowable Expenses" to help you understand exactly what you can claim tax relief on! (worth £39.99!!)

  • Our "Self-Assessment Checklist" to help make sure you've got everything you need to hand before you start! (worth £34.99!!)


  • A "Good To Know" PDF with useful information so you're not caught out! (worth £24.99!!)

  • Your Guide to HMRC's Expense Categories - all you need to know!


Next time...

We have another Client Story Feature, which we're very excited about.

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