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Business Strategy & Management

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You know how to run your business.
But business is ever-changing. The needs becoming more complex; the environment in which your business operates, changing quicker than the seasons.
If you want to be successful, you need a plan.
Do you have one?


At Anaptyx UK, we work with forward thinking CEO's to establish sustainable growth strategies, making profit a habit. ​

Want to make profit a habit?

Do you find yourself getting stuck doing mundane tasks, day in and day out? Are you struggling to manage your ever growing team? Collapsing under the weight of scattered processes?


Enter Keen 2 Assist.


We have partnered with this incredible company to make sure your business runs seamlessly.


Keen 2 Assist

With over 20 years of corporate executive management and assisting, Keen 2 Assist will take the stress off your shoulders.


They ensure that their executive business managers and virtual assistant team are trained to make sure they do all they can in supporting your business. Keen 2 Assist will manage your daily, weekly or monthly tasks, regardless of the size of your business, meaning you can concentrate on customer engagement and running your business.


The Digital Jedi

Within MPAS' team, we have a dedicated expert offering tailored data handling systems for your business.

Meet Luke Middleton.

The databases Luke builds are anything but ordinary; he always creates the most effective and efficient systems for his clients.


Feeling like you could use his help?


Don't hang about.

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