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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Hey, we're Jess & Luke. We enable & educate driven entrepreneurs to level up & scale their business by simplifying finances and accounts.

Together, our incredible team of dedicated accountants have close to 80 years of accounting management & bookkeeping experience and our operations team over 30 years to help you do just that.

We're about:
✨ Education
✨ Inspiration
✨ Improving the old ways of doing things
✨ Revealing to business owners new, previously unknown doors of financial opportunity within their own businesses.

We're here to support YOU.

Our Story

Starting a business was NEVER our dream. In fact, it was our worst nightmare.
Luke loves routine and consistency. I (Jess) like the security of knowing there is money in the bank to pay the bills.
Coronavirus hit us like a ton of bricks and took our routine, consistency & security away from us in one fell swoop. 
Our worst nightmare came true. Until we realised it didn't have to be a nightmare; it could be our dream. 
Our business was born. And it changed our whole life.

We started our business for US. We were entirely selfish. Our dream?
✨ Simplicity
✨ Freedom
✨ Flexibility
✨ Consistency
✨ Financial Freedom

But, it became MORE.

On our journey we realised two things:

✨ People start businesses for the same reasons we did
✨ People don't fully understand how their accounting can enable that dream lifestyle and income they desperately want.
Our WHY grew into something bigger than just us. It grew into helping every single one of you to achieve your dreams. It became about helping you to succeed where over 80% of businesses fail in Year 1. This is no joke.

And now we are here, having successfully enabled so many business owners to not only survive, but thrive. We want to simplify accounting and changes people's perceptions on the way things are done. Why? To help business owners successfully navigate the choppy waters of business, level up and maximise their business profit. 

Meet The Team

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Meet the team

What our clients have to say

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