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How organised are you with your finances? 💸💸💸


I know how much every penny matters at the moment.


The LAST thing I want to see is you losing money on your self-assessment.


Here are 3 things we see all too often with tax:


💔 people don’t know the full extent of what they could be claiming for tax relief. Understanding what can count toward your “allowable expenses” is non-negotiable.


💔 people miss vital information on things like “payments on account” or “balancing payments” and it’s caught them off guard. “Preparation is the key to success”. It’s time to get in the know.


💔 people are not keeping track of just how much they may have to pay in tax. There are all kinds of ways to make sure you’re on top of that. It’s time to find one.


But what is the fix?


✅ Understanding exactly what counts towards tax relief

✅ Making sure you’re in the know about things like “payments on account” etc

✅ Having a system in place to help you keep an eye on how much you could be paying in tax


And right on cue, at a special Cyber Monday price, we're bringing back...




This kit is designed to help you navigate your self-assessment successfully, ensuring you are not losing a single penny.


But not only that:


⚡️it helps you prepare for your self-assessment

⚡️it enables you to keep an eye on what tax you MAY owe so you are prepared

⚡️it's evergreen - you pay once and THAT IS IT. Any adjustments will be made FREE of charge.


This kit is worth £189.95.


For the next 72 hours, you can get it for just £49.


Where? How? What?


"The Self-Assessment Survival Kit" includes:

  • Our very clever "Sole Trader Tax Tracker" to help you keep your income & expenditure in one place AND keep track of a potential tax bill at the same time - even if you have another job! (worth £49.99!!)

  • Our PDF "Guide To Common Allowable Expenses" to help you understand exactly what you can claim tax relief on! (worth £39.99!!)

  • Our "Self-Assessment Checklist" to help make sure you've got everything you need to hand before you start! (worth £34.99!!)


  • A "Good To Know" PDF with useful information so you're not caught out! (worth £24.99!!)

  • Your Guide to HMRC's Expense Categories - all you need to know!

The Self-Assessment Survival Kit

£189.95 Regular Price
£2.99Sale Price
VAT Included
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