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Let's Get Fiscal!

Welcome to the MPAS UK client newsletter!

In this months newsletter, we're chatting about {INSERT TOPICS HERE} and featuring our amazing client {INSERT CLIENT NAME HERE} and his/her business, {INSERT BUSINESS HERE}.

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Client Story - K2A
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Read about our new adventure.


An inspiring chat with artist Soph in South Wales.

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Our SAS Kit

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Our Podcast "Accrual World"

“As soon as I saw you, I knew a

grand adventure was about to happen.”


- Winnie the Pooh/A. A. Milne

Accounts can be intimidating.

Finance can be frustrating.

Money can be scary.

But does it have to be?
We don’t think so.

Since founding MPAS UK in 2020, I've made it my personal mission to eradicate confusion & educate business owners, inspiring people to become confident and in control of their money.

On our very first podcast entitled 'Small Leaks', Jess and wingwoman Emma discuss Accrual, Payslip and Subscription Audits, Money Minutes and much more. Emma asks Jess "Is it financially viable to go Ltd instead of staying as Sole Trader?" and "What on earth are stealth tax raids?" (Wait, did Emma say "Stealth tax rates" instead?! Whoops, shows how much she knows about those! Thankfully Jess knows all about it and tells us in simple terms).

We’re determined to make finance understandable, accessible and educational for everyone, whether old or young.

Grab some headphones, take a perch and get ready to listen. Find us here →

This is Accrual World.

MPAS UK Client Story

Please let us introduce you to one of our fabulous clients, Sophie Lewis a.k.a Soph from Make It Soph.


Clearly a Jean-Luc Picard fan, Sophie has built her business from scratch and we're delighted to share her story with you.

Client Story

Make It Soph owner Sophie chats with Emma at MPAS UK.

Hi Soph, thank you so much for being part of our Client Story feature. 

For our newsletter readers, could you please tell us what you do at Make It Soph?


There are two strands to Make it Soph: firstly it's my platform as an artist/maker to sell and showcase pieces of art that I enjoy creating. Secondly, through 'Next Gen Making', I run arts and crafts workshops in schools, youth clubs and in community venues to hopefully provide opportunities and encouragement for the younger generation on their creative journeys.


I love your skylines, particularly “Awakening” (love your circular canvasses!!!) and your Toronto Skyline -
what is your favourite thing to paint and why?

My favourite things to paint are skyscapes, particularly sunrises and sunsets. It's such a calming process, and gives me an opportunity to go on as many road trips as possible to chase them! I'm also a massive nerd, (Make it Soph is a Star Trek reference!) so I love painting everything geeky from film, TV and video games!

Where is the best place to buy your artwork?

My online store at


We all have challenges in business, don’t we? Is there anything you find challenging in your business right now?

Adjusting to our new post-pandemic way of business has been a rollercoaster, especially as I was just getting to grips with starting my own business weeks before the lockdowns were introduced! But now with a new house and a studio in progress, just finding time to settle down and spread my focus between creating and the hundreds of other jobs that need completing!

What is the vision for your company?

On one hand, I'd love to share my work and paintings with other people who find joy and comfort in things like sunrises/sunsets or those who dive into the world of fiction as a means of escapism from our everyday chaos. On the other hand, through my sessions with young people, I aim to give them an opportunity to try as many different art mediums as possible, and reinforce that art is more than a curricular experience. Pursuing painting over the last few years has positively impacted my mental health so much and I always keep the following quote in mind - 'You don't have to be good at something for it to be good for you.' 

Is there any problem you need to be solved or are you feeling comfortable with how business is going at the moment?

I feel like there is always a problem to be solved, but this year especially, I'm just trying to take things one step at a time as I know I can get overwhelmed easily if I take too much on at once.


I spotted you were featured on Good Morning America/ABC News in 2021 (click here for link), such a lovely story. Your Grandad was honoured in such a sweet way, he must’ve been so influential in your life, as mine was.
No doubt he’d be so proud of you and your talents. I think it’s beautiful how this masterpiece got the platform it deserves. Thank you for sharing it. That must’ve been so exciting. What do you love about your job?

I love being able to use painting as a method to articulate my feelings and thoughts when I sometimes can't find the words. It means so much when something like the Up piece that was featured by ABC News resonates with so many people around the world experiencing loss and grief. Also, the connections I have made with fellow artists and makers in the community has been amazing.


What do you wish you had more time to do?

PAINT! There are never enough hours in the day!

Is there anything that’s keeping you up at night when it comes to your business?

Depends what that particular day has brought to the table! It's always a worry about getting sales to pay the bills but this gives me the push to look down different paths, keep developing my skills and learn something new everyday.

What makes you happy in life and in business?

Plenty of painting time, being surrounded by a positive network of people and a glass of wine on a Friday night!


What type of communication works best for you? E-mail, phone, face to face?

Face to face usually - technology hates me!


What do you think makes a successful client-supplier relationship?

Good communication and being able to adapt to the unexpected - no matter which obstacle is placed in your path, there'll always be a workaround if you tackle it together.


We all have our own workflows. How do you manage your clients?
For me, it really depends on the context. With customers - it's important for me to update them on every part of the process, from creation to sale to dispatch, so that they are as informed and involved in the process as possible. With young people in workshops - it's about providing them with the tools and materials for their own imaginations to take an idea and put their unique stamp on their own creations in a safe, controlled but ultimately fun environment!

What is the single most important benefit you get from us @ MPAS UK, above all else?

The safety net of having expert advice and service on the financial side of the business, allowing me to focus on the creative side of the company. Self assessments are something that I always panic about for fear of getting something wrong, so it's a massive benefit to have support on that front.


If you and your business need some help with your accounts, do you feel comfortable approaching us @ MPAS UK?

I do feel comfortable in approaching the team, everything is broken down in a way for me to understand. The team are so friendly and very good at what they do!

And just for fun, if you could pick a celebrity to play you in the movie of your life, who would it be?

Drew Barrymore - I love her in so many films but in 'Music and Lyrics' she plays Sophie and kills all the house plants - this resonates with me!! Or Robert Downey Jr - I just want to be Iron Man!

Thank you very much for taking part. We hope that by sharing our lovely client stories, we can inspire and engage with other businesses. Who knows, someone may even see something on your website that they can’t live without, just from this feature (I won’t lie, I was gutted your “Awakening” circular painting is out of stock, it’s gorgeous).


This kit is designed to help you navigate your self-assessment successfully, ensuring you are not losing a single penny.


But not only that:


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  • it's evergreen - you pay once and THAT IS IT.Any adjustments will be made FREE of charge.


This kit is worth £189.95. Where? How? What?


"The Self-Assessment Survival Kit" includes:

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  • A "Good To Know" PDF with useful information so you're not caught out! (worth £24.99!!)

  • Your Guide to HMRC's Expense Categories - all you need to know!


Next time...

We have another Client Story Feature, which we're very excited about.

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