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The NO SPEND November Challenge. Are you with us?

Confession time here..

It started off as a mad moment. A plan for Jess and I to save money and spur each other on.

Oh dear.

You guessed it.

The challenge blew up and we decided... to make it a team competition!

And then it became a thing.

(Yes, regretting it already. I've done No Spend Challenges in the past but didn't have an accountability partner. Until now. And not just one. I'll have to stick with it this time, won't I?!)

We started sharing the idea with friends and family. They wanted to join in.

We found a hashtag to use #nospendnovemberchallenge on Instagram.

We agreed "why not make saving normal?!" so here we are, asking you, yes, YOU!

Would you like to join us?

Download our printable here today while it's still FREE.

Will you be our winner? Or will our Number Ninja Jess be our winner?

You decide.

Are you in?

You'll find us on our official Social Media platforms:

Thoroughly Thrifty Instagram: (more saving tips coming soon)

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