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Is QuickBooks Really Going to Benefit your Business?

You’ve seen us mention about QuickBooks Online (QBO), we’ve talked about pricing and you’ve seen the benefits of cloud-based accounting software. But will it really benefit your business?

Here are 4 reasons how using QBO will simplify and benefit your business life:

  1. Get Paid Faster: Are you Invoicing your customers and wondering when you’ll get paid? No longer! When sending your invoices through QBO, not only can you make them unique to your business by adding a logo etc, but you can integrate payment providers so when customers receive your invoice, not only can you see that it has been read, but they can pay you from the email at the touch of a button!

  2. Business Insights: Want to see what products or services bring you the most income? Or what things you spend the most on? With QBO you have a company overview dashboard allowing to see your Businesses Strengths and Weaknesses at the palm of your hand (yes, your hand! See next…) or dig down deeper into the nitty gritty.

  3. You can run your business from anywhere: Huh? Really?! 82% of QBO users run their businesses entirely from their mobiles because of QuickBooks excellent mobile app. You can create estimates for customers, which can be signed by them and easily converted to an invoice upon completion of a job. Or snap and store your expense receipts on the go saving you hours of data entry later and reducing the need for paper (because we all want to do our bit for the environment as well!)

  4. Customise your business with specialised third-party apps: Manage projects, Get funded, or Calculate Quotes plus much, much more with the QBO App store. Your QBO Accountant has all the details you need to integrate these apps to your QBO, making it one of your strongest assets when running your business.

But you have some doubts, and potentially even object to the thought of changing from your spreadsheet because it’s what you know. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post... Don’t have a QuickBooks Online Accountant? Contact us.

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