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Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Ross Gellar - Just Pivot. Image credit Devin Flanagan

Rewind 2 years (and a bit). Life as we know it changed forever. COVID-19 gripped the country and we locked down. Every single person in the UK felt the impact.

For Luke and I, as well as a lot of others, redundancy came knocking leaving those already knocked close to being crushed.

Fast forward to NOW. No longer locked down but the economy is crippled: inflation rising at an exponential rate; fuel, gas and electricity prices going through the roof; food and drink creeping slowly up and families struggling to make ends meet; wages the same or lower than before. It’s safe to say, we’re in a crises. With no signs of it going away anytime soon.

2 years ago, Luke and I started our own bookkeeping and accountancy practice to help small business owners succeed in a less than thriving economy. And that we have done. That we are proud of.

But recently we have seen some of our clients struggle. And it’s heart breaking to see family, friends and others, families, older ones, struggle because it feels like costs are rising, debt is spiralling and their wages just aren’t stretching. We ourselves have seen our Cashflow and profit negatively impacted. But I am a planner. And I plan and rejig plans when needed to ensure we stay ahead and help our clients stay ahead. And yet, nothing feels enough.

Generally, it’s not in the sight line of accountants to work with individuals, families, households unless there is a reason:

  • CIS

  • IR35

  • Property

  • Capital gains

  • Inheritance

And the list goes on. Then I had a thought.

What if….what if we made a slight pivot?

What if we used our figures brains, our know how of the tax system, our know how of business and helping keep them profitable and DID THE SAME FOR FAMILIES?

What if we helped families and individuals make the most of their take home pay through blogs, drop in sessions and maybe even workshops?

What IF….

The opportunity to help those who need it to get them through the cost of living crisis and out the other side might just be too much for us to ignore. If we have the means and circumstances to do it, shouldn’t we?

So, I am delighted to announce that, in the coming weeks, MPAS UK will be launching a blog dedicated to helping households make the most of their wages by giving saving tips, payslip audits, general household tips and much, much more. And this is just the start.

Our team will be working behind the scenes to see how else we can really help households not just survive, but thrive. It won’t be easy. But nothing worth doing was ever easy right?

So in the words of Ross from Friends in that iconic scene we all adore so much, watch us as we “PIVOT! PIVOOTT!! PIVVOOOTTT!!!”

If, like me, you’re an eager beaver and want to be the first to hear about the launch of our newest blog on, sign up to our mailing list here!

Looking forward to seeing you over there,

Jess x

MPAS UK CEO & Founder


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