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Is the thought of doing your tax return
stressing you out?

You started your business because you had a passion. Because you wanted to make a difference and make something worthwhile.

But you find yourself stressing about your finances. UNDERSTANDING your finances and being CONFIDENT in them isn't luxury, but a necessity.

What would it feel like to not be overwhelmed by the idea of balancing your books?

⭐ To spend less time trying to figure out what counts as deductible and what doesn't. (Does your monthly subscription of coffee count as a business expense? As it keeps you a functioning service provider?) 

⭐ To know exactly what you owe the taxman?

⭐ To spend more time developing your offers, and reaching your big financial goals?

⭐ To know that you are in control of your finances because you have a system in place that while everyone else is stressing over taxes you get to sleep easy.

Have you ever wished that you had a translator when it came to learning aspects of your business?

Something that acted like Google Translate. Where you put in what you know (like how much money you made) and it will translate into another language (like how much tax you owe).


yes, it can be that easy.

what the heck is it?

Fear not! We got you covered.

Introducing "The Self-Assessment Survival Kit"

We have lovingly put this kit together to take the stress and uncertainty out of keeping track of your tax & filing your self-assessment.


We're asked a lot, "What can I claim tax relief on?", "How much do I need to save for taxes?", "How should I be keeping records?"

I bet you have asked those questions at least once. This kit can help; we have designed it to turn your concern into calm and stress into success


"Tell me more!"

"The Self-Assessment Survival Kit" includes:

  • Our very clever "Sole Trader Tax Tracker" to help you keep your income & expenditure in one place AND keep track of a potential tax bill at the same time - even if you have another job!

  • Our PDF "Guide To Common Allowable Expenses" to help you understand exactly what you can claim tax relief on! 

  • Our "Self-Assessment Checklist" to help make sure you've got everything you need to hand before you start!


  • A "Good To Know" PDF with useful information so you're not caught out! 

  • A "Guide to HMRC Expense Categories" so you know exactly what the tax office expects from you.

Let us introduce ourselves...


Hey! We're Jess & Luke

Together we run Middleton Professional Accounts Services or MPAS UK for short.

A Bookkeeping & Accountancy Business

We help die-hard business owners understand exactly where their

money is going and how it's working for them, enabling them to feel super confident in their business finances and take their business to new heights!

We have not only dedicated ourselves to doing our very best for our clients, as any accountant should, but we are also advocates of keeping things simple.

Our methods have not only helped us scale our own business, but are helping our clients plan and invest in their business' future!


We started our business from scratch.

Without loans, grants or any financial backing. It was scary, hard and overwhelming at the best of times.

As our business grew we knew we needed to establish a firm foundation for our business to thrive and to have the financial stability we craved. 

More over- we knew we needed to help others lay their foundations. 

Cue your solution...

The Self-Assessment Survival Kit

I know, I know. The entire kit is worth over £180 

And trust me, it's 100% worth it. 

The Self-Assessment Survival Kit is more than just understanding what you will owe on taxes.


It's about developing a habit of financial literacy and confidence.


You Pay:


Don't take our word for it...

A few FAQ's...

The Self-Assessment Survival Kit

My self-assessment isn't due to be filed until 2023; why should I buy this kit now?


Two reasons:

1. "Preparation is the key to success". Getting confident and understanding what's going in your business is how it will succeed.

2. Buying this kit now will help you plan and better invest in your business going forward.

But, we promise, if we don't think this is the right option for you, we'll tell you, so message us with any queries!

Will I need to buy another one for next year?

No. This Kit has been designed to be evergreen. You buy once, you buy forever. Even the personal allowances in the tax tracker can be changed.

Does this mean you won't file my self-assessment on my behalf?

Of course not! If you need some extra help just let us know! This kit was designed for the business owner who either doesn't have an accountant or can't afford one just yet.

Will the tax tracker work on numbers?


Yes, but to a limited degree. We suggest using google sheets if you want full functionality!

are you ready for financial success?

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