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To Grow or Not to Grow… Is that really the question?

Did you know we offer Business Growth Strategy calls?

What are they all about?

Our business growth strategy calls are designed to help new and established business to map out their previous year and forecast their ongoing growth as well as setting realistic business goals.

We find many small businesses, especially solopreneurs, are so busy running their business and actually working to provide the products and services they offer, that they very rarely have the time to plug in all the data and run a report to see how the business has done previously and then use that data to forecast the next few months.

These reports can also help businesses spot any trends in their finances, income and expenses and even if they have “seasons”. Spotting a trend where your sales seem to be more every few months or that when you spend money on advertising your sales increase, can be invaluable to a business. But along with this is recognising whether your business (a.k.a you) can handle the increase in demand if that was to happen every month. This ensures your business growth is sustainable! That seems to be a word we have heard a lot recently. If a growth isn’t sustainable, either your business will crumble under the workload or your processes will not “scale up” as your workload does.

Part of the ongoing growth discussion is then discussing your businesses products and services and how your growth looks in terms of real money and work rather than just amounts and percentages. We, as well as those who have had calls already, have seen this to be a great benefit so that they can properly map how much work is involved to get the growth they need.

As discussed with our fabulous mailing list, there are 3 areas involved in the call:


We will ask for your business data up to that point in order for us to process it and enter it into our favourite “Profit & Loss” report. This will mean we can spot specific areas of spending over the months or spot any trends in things. We will also make the forecast based on the growth rate already to that point as well as the expenses you have incurred to give you’re an idea of what your business will make, spend, have to pay in tax / VAT and above all, what you will take home from that.


During the call we try to get to know your business a bit better, asking how you started, why you started, what you have done so far and where you want your business to go. Then we will show you and talk you through the profit and loss report we have made (beware there will be a lot of numbers), but don’t be scared, we will talk you through each area and each step. We will ask questions about any trends we see and try to help you plot things going forward.

Then we will look at the forecast based on the data we have already seen. If the growth rate is very high, usually the case with new businesses, we will lower it to a point where we feel it is a bit more sustainable, but we will talk this through with you on the call to change it to your needs and circumstances. Then putting this in terms of revenue and work as mentioned before will help you to see where your business could be heading and whether any outsourcing or hiring may be needed soon.


After the call we will send you a copy of the written down strategy as discussed in the call as well as then a copy of the report and forecast. This spreadsheet will be customisable where you can change the growth rate percentage month on month, expenses incurred each month as well as your ideal income and then you can see what that will mean in terms of tax or VAT.

If anything regarding VAT or taxes has been raised, we will also put this into the strategy for you to be aware of. We may also use the call to show you what we can do to help if we feel you could benefit from our services. If you are smashing it on your own, there may be nothing for us to offer you 😉 well done!

For testimonials about these calls, please visit our IG page and click the “reviews” highlight.

If this call sounds like… If... pfff… This call is what you and your business needs!

Get in touch and book one in today!

We look forward to hearing from you soon 😉


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