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Doubts About Using QuickBooks? Read on...

In our previous blog post we looked at 4 reasons using QuickBooks Online (QBO) will simplify and benefit your business life.

But you have some doubts: maybe it’s security with cloud accounting, maybe it’s lack of time to learn or thinking that you’re going to have to input every transaction one by one into QuickBooks, maybe your a little terrified of something new, maybe it’s that you don’t want to pay, or maybe it’s just that you plain love your go-to spreadsheet. They’re all valid concerns. But we are going to give you 4 reasons why you can put those concerns to one side.

  1. Making sure your financial data is locked away tightly, away from prying eyes is something to be taken seriously. If you are concerned about moving your data to QBO, then allow us to put your mind at rest. QBO rely on advanced, industry-recognised security safeguards to keep all your financial data private and protected. With password-protected login, firewall protected servers and the same encryption technology used by the world’s top banks, your data is locked down to ensure your peace of mind.

  2. Worried about having to input each transaction into your new QBO account from your spreadsheet? Don’t! With a fantastic Data transfer tool to bring in your data quickly and effectively from whichever system you’re currently using, your QuickBooks Online Accountant can help you get underway and a dedicated team is there to help overcome any obstacles meaning your QuickBooks Online account will be set up in no time at all, without having to spend countless hours inputting everything by individually.

  3. No time? What if we told you that by managing your accounts using QBO, it could save you as a business owner, on average, 8 hours a month? Yes it’s true. So throw yourself in and learn in order to save yourself time and ultimately money. 3.6 million users worldwide can’t be wrong. On top of this, included in Middleton PA Services set-up fee is a little training session to help you get the most out of your QBO account.

  4. Why should you pay? Well, are you coming home from a long day of work and spending an hour, two hours entering your income and expenditure? Is your job based at your home and after you turn off your work phone, and close down emails, your spending valuable family time inputting your accounts to a spreadsheet? If the answer to those questions is yes, then really you’re losing money by doing it outside of your dedicated work time - suddenly your hourly base rate has dropped. How can you fix that? A QBO subscription enables you to quickly input all your business transactions on the go, from any location. To add to that, with a 4-star rated mobile app you can run your business from your mobile, as 82% of QBO users do. What’s more, a subscription purchased through Middleton PA Services starts at just £8.40 per month (Inc VAT), 40% off the normal retail price.

Want to know more? Check out our dedicated QuickBooks Online page to see pricing, features and very useful videos on how QBO can make your life easier.

Otherwise, contact us for more information.

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