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Contracts & General Service Agreements: A Nuisance or a Necessity?

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

So, you've chosen the VA Service you're going to use to help grow and manage your business. You know the services you want them to take care of and the frequency of services, and then they hit you with "we'll draw up the paperwork, a General Service Agreement, for you to read through and sign". Really? A contract? It's just a bit of freelance work?

When you think of contracts, it may conjure up the image of a never-ending document filled with a whole host of legal terminology set to send your brain swirling; signing your life away. However, this generally isn't the case with Freelancer contracts. Most state only the necessary legal clauses relating to their scope of business. But what exactly is a freelancer contract and is it a help?

Essentially, a freelancer contract is a legal agreement between the freelancer (your chosen VA) and the client (you) where both parties agree on the project to complete and work to deliver. The reason they are put into place is for the protection of both you, the client, and the freelancer, your chosen VA. You and your company are getting a guarantee of the work and the deliverables you can expect and your chosen VA is getting a guarantee of the money they will receive for doing such work. By your VA making you sign a contract or general service agreement, they're making sure everybody is covered in the rare case that something goes awry. And should something go awry, having a signed contract or agreement in place could save you a fortune in legal fees in the future.

At Middleton PA Services, we feel that putting a contract in place between us and our clients is essential. It's a short, simple document that will contain as much information about the work agreed as possible, to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings. Get in touch with one of our VA's today to find out more.

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