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2022 is almost what now?!

Disclaimer: This blog post is Gif heavy and we are NOT apologising.

Jess sent clients an e-mail this week with this gif and it made me chuckle.

Every year, we seem to react this way when the end of the year creeps up on us all of a sudden.

How are you feeling about it?



Overwhelmed and ready to hibernate?

2022 has been a little crazy here. COVID lockdowns ended, then we were all hit with this cost of living crisis, looming recession and now we have soaring inflation ahead...

We have learnt a lot and are ready to take 2023 one step at a time!

How about you? Any goals you'd like to achieve in the new year?

With this time of year being a costly time for many, getting on top of your finances is probably on the top of your goals list.

But where to start?!

We are swooping in (like the superheroes you never asked for) to save the day with some FREE resources to get you financially organised for the new year! How does that sound?

Hey big spender....want to become a big saver? Great for ensuring you're not spending more than you're making. It helps you keep a close eye on exactly what money is going where AND how much you have left over after all the bills. Really great for couples and families.

New year, new business, new habits? Excellent for new business owners or those with limited expenses. Record your income and expenditure in separate tabs and then see exactly what your profits look like. This is the entry level product to our Tax Tracker (available for sole traders AND Ltd Company's) but still amazing to have in your freebie arsenal.

Do you ever feel more confused after coming off the phone with your accountant than before? It can be really hard keeping up with the terminology, so to help you get in the know, we have produced this FREE PDF guide with 15 accounting terms explained.

Got a something you're desperate to work towards? Buying a house? Buying THAT car? Just wanting a nice holiday? Or maybe in your business, you're wanting to attain new heights and gain more clients? How do you do it? SMART Goals. Using this method enables you to visualise your goals so you can get a sense of direction, organization & ultimately reach your goals. Having your goals in front of you with a plan will make achieving the goal easier.

Struggling to make your business cash positive?

Find you don't have the money set aside for tax that you need?

Can't ever see the profit that you've made? Ever heard of Profit First?

Thought up by business aficionado, Mike Michalowicz, Profit First, is helping millions of business owners across the globe find their financial feet and grow exponentially. This free guide gives you an intro into the world of profit first and just how it can help you take your business to new heights.

P.S. There's a cheeky discount code included! Go and get it while it's still valid.

To be honest, there are tons of amazing resources all at great prices available in our online store, so if you're not sure about working with us directly just yet, go and take a look there.

For now though, that’s all from us for 2022.

Check in on Instagram here for updates over the coming days AND don’t forget to check out our sister company, Anaptyx UK, if you are needing help maximising profit, improving cashflow and wealth building – creating that nest-egg for the future.

There are two spaces left to snap up in December, for The Synergetic Success Strategy to help you do just that! Want in? Comment below with “I’m in!”.

Got questions? Want to talk about how we can help you in the new year?

Otherwise, if we don't hear from you before, have an AMAZING break. Plenty of rest, stay hydrated (you, yes, you!) and get pumped to make 2023 your best year yet! From all @ MPAS UK, take care, see you soon!

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