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Our Podcast "Accrual World"

“As soon as I saw you, I knew a

grand adventure was about to happen.”


- Winnie the Pooh/A. A. Milne

Accounts can be intimidating.

Finance can be frustrating.

Money can be scary.

But does it have to be?
We don’t think so.

Since founding MPAS UK in 2020, I've made it my personal mission to eradicate confusion & educate business owners, inspiring people to become confident and in control of their money.

On our very first podcast episode entitled 'Small Leaks', Jess and wing woman Emma discuss Accrual, Payslip and Subscription Audits, Money Minutes and much more. Emma asks Jess "Is it financially viable to go Ltd instead of staying as Sole Trader?" and "What on earth are stealth tax raids?" (Wait, did Emma say "Stealth tax rates" instead?! Whoops, shows how much she knows about those! Thankfully Jess knows all about it and tells us in simple terms).

We’re determined to make finance understandable, accessible and educational for everyone, whether old or young.

Grab some headphones, take a perch and get ready to listen. Find us here →

This is Accrual World.

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